In-Office Sedation

Sedation Dentistry for Dental Fears and Anxiety
We understand the fear and anxiety patients have regarding dental procedures. There are options available to our patients in regard to anesthesia. We offer both types of anesthesia; oral sedation for simple procedures and IV sedation for more complex procedures and those patients who are very anxious and fearful. Dr. Perkins will assist in choosing the best type of sedation for you.

Our Practice has many patients who prefer not to be awake for their dental procedures. Dr. Perkins works with a Doctor who provides the anesthesia, and monitors the well being of our patients while Dr. Perkins is performing the necessary dental procedures.

We know some of our patients have to work up the courage to just make the phone call for their initial appointment. Let us help you make your first steps toward optimal oral health and the smile you have always wanted.

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Dr. Chris E. Perkins, Houston Dental Implants and Oral Reconstruction.

Anesthesia options - oral sedation, IV sedation.