No More Dentures! Zirconia Bridge

Major Aesthetic and Functional Breakthrough for Dental Implants with a Zirconia Bridge. Dental Implants restored like you have never seen before! Zirconia is a new material used to make bridges. It is strong and the aesthetics are so life-like and real looking. The material is 200% stronger than any of the materials used for restorative treatment today, and it has highest stability and fracture toughness.


Dental Implants with the Zirconia Bridge, Zirconia Dental Implant Bridge, prothesis.

Many times a tooth with a crown feels more bulky, than the original tooth. This is because more metal and porcelain are needed for strength. When Zirconia is used, the crown can be made more life-like in size and shape, because the material is stronger. Not as much material needs to be used, therefore, the Zirconia crowns feels more like your original teeth.

Zirconia is the most translucent material used to restore dental implants, so it is looks very life-like. The material goes through a special process at the dental laboratory for customized color and shading. It will be very difficult for anyone to tell you have Zirconia bridges, because they are so realistic and natural looking.

Zirconia is a breakthrough in dentistry for restoring dental implants. The implants can be restored with a Zirconia bridge which is stronger, lends to a more balanced bite and it is more aesthetically pleasing.

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Before and after shots of patients that have switched to the Zirconia dental implants.
The Future of Implant Dentistry: Exciting new alternative to dentures; the Zirconia bridge looks and feels like your own teeth; Beautiful and life-like!